Technology, Media & Telecommunications

0. TMT

Tadbir-Deloitte Luxemburg’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) industry group brings together one of the largest pools of deep industry experts – respected for helping shape some of the world’s most recognized TMT brands and helping companies of all shapes and sizes thrive in a digital age.


Technology: Iranian technology and software companies face common hurdles characterized by rapid innovation, expanding operations and business models in constant transformation. These challenges are compounded by innovation in the cloud, mobile and social collaboration technologies which continue to create new market opportunities but also challenges for established industry participants. Tadbir-Deloitte Luxemburg’s technology team helps technology sector companies optimize sustainable growth and manage risk.


Media: The explosion of digital channels, rising content expectations, the prevalence of new technologies and revenue models, regulatory changes and accessing funding can pose challenges but also opportunities for media companies. We provide advice and cost-effective solutions to meet your business objectives, while minimizing business complexity and risk.

1. Telecom

Telecommunication: The prevalence of transformative new technologies and services, shifting mobility trends and evolving customer preferences are changing the game and raising the bar for expectations and performance for Telecoms. We Help Iranian Telecom companies stay updated and relevant to gain competitive advantage.