Public Sector

0. Public sector

Tadbir-Deloitte Luxemburg’s public sector group is committed to improving public outcomes through a focus on people. We think about the complex issues facing the public sector and develop relevant, timely, and sustainable solutions for our clients. At Tadbir, we are Thinking people.

Civil Government

Civil Government: Tadbir is committed to helping Iran government improve how they serve citizens day to day. The Civil Government Sector provides solutions to help communities operate efficiently and effectively, spanning all levels of government across a wide range of programs, from taxes to environmental protection.


Education: We are driven by our mission of advancing students and educators across the country; working with institutions across all levels of education and regulatory agencies to craft better and brighter futures for learners around the country.


Public Transportation: We provide public transportation organizations with results that address their unique market challenges: escalating competition, technological demands, and the macro-level demographic implications on how municipalities and transportation organizations are moving people and goods.

Security and Justice

Security and Justice: With increasingly sophisticated and unpredictable threats, Iranian Judiciary and security organizations must navigate increased public concerns over securing social security, protecting intellectual property and accelerating judicial procedures.


Non-profit Organizations: NGOs play a critical role in achieving social goals that aim to address poverty, environmental sustainability, and economic stability. Tadbir is committed to cultivating social progress and strengthening people across the country.