0. Strategy

Iranian Companies often struggle with their strategic management and planning processes. It can be challenging to reconcile the pressure for short-term returns with long-term strategic goals, and it’s difficult to build the capabilities needed to execute strategies. We help companies strengthen their strategy-development processes, make better decisions, and then act on them. We can assist clients with solutions to specific issues or design a whole new approach to strategic management and planning.

1. Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy: Growth is overwhelmingly determined by the markets in which companies choose to compete. We support clients to improve performance across their existing portfolio and pinpoint opportunities for growth in new business areas. We also help identify areas where they might need to cut back or divest.

2. Business Stratey

Business Strategy: Corporate strategy is about where to compete and business strategy is about how to compete. Hence business strategy usually occurs at the business unit or product level, and it emphasizes improvement of the competitive position of a corporation’s products or services in the specific industry or market segment served by that business unit. We support business leaders on bold strategic journeys, grounded in unparalleled empirical and social insights, to beat the market.

3. Functional Strategy

Functional Strategy: HR, finance, marketing and other functional strategies are the approaches taken by a functional area to achieve corporate and business unit objectives and strategies by maximizing resource productivity. We work with clients to ensure they have proper approach and capabilities—the functional systems, tools, skills, and technology—to realize their strategic vision.

4. Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy: In an era of “DIGITAL DARWINISM” where technology, society, and business models rapidly evolve, Iranian companies should learn how to adopt. We help clients develop strategy for the digital age and identify the opportunities and threats digital transformation will bring to their industries.